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R1Soft Partner

BARCELOS, Portugal (May 24, 2011) —Web services provider WebTuga announced today its partnership with backup software developer R1Soft. The partnership provides WebTuga customers with expanded access to R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP), a backup service that offers regular incremental backups and retention of multiple restoration snapshots for Linux and Windows Servers.

R1Soft CDP backups are included in WebTuga’s Shared Hosting plans, offering customers greater flexibility and a larger backup repository. Dedicated Server and Colocation customers have the option to utilize CDP backups for a low monthly fee based on the amount of backup space selected, with plans that start at 100GB. For the protection of MySQL databases, WebTuga offers clients the option to add on CDP for MySQL, which creates online hot backups with zero interruption to busy MySQL servers.

Another beneficial CDP feature, cPanel integration, gives WebTuga clients full control over their existing backups, allowing them to directly restore any file from one of their existing restore points through cPanel. By leveraging CDP’s cPanel integration, WebTuga gives customers backup autonomy while the company dedicates the time saved by this feature to continue to enhance other aspects of their service.

“Choosing R1Soft CDP was a simple decision, and one of the best we’ve made. CDP allows us to provide reliable data protection – a very important consideration for clients when selecting a Web hosting provider. With CDP’s comprehensive capabilities and ease of use, we can offer customers seamless data safety and accessibility” said Teotónio Ricardo, chief marketing officer of WebTuga.

“R1Soft is designed to smoothly integrate with web hosting providers’ current offerings and fulfill hosting client data protection needs,” said Domingo Martinez, global marketing manager for R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies.

“WebTuga’s new backup service effectively conveys their commitment to protecting their clients’ data and business reputations.”

In the coming months, WebTuga will utilize CDP to further protect client data by establishing off-site backups to a second datacenter in Portugal.

For more information about WebTuga’s services please visit www.webtuga.pt. To learn how to restore a backup in seconds, customers can view a video tutorial on the WebTuga Blog.

About WebTuga

WebTuga is a Web services provider based in Portugal and run by a group that is passionate about the data and sensitive information of their customers. From the beginning, WebTuga has adopted secure and efficient solutions to provide clients with a professional and reliable service and first-class, high-performance support. Services range from basic shared hosting on Windows and Linux servers to managed hosting services for enterprise on virtual and dedicated servers. WebTuga also has a team of experienced staff that works closely with customers to find solutions that fit their requirements and budget. WebTuga was founded in 2008.

About R1Soft

R1Soft is the developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP), scalable and high-performance backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud. Recognized as the leading commercial backup software in hosted services, R1Soft CDP is currently used by over 1,000 Cloud infrastructure providers and protects more than 200,000 servers worldwide. R1Soft is a division of BBS Technologies.

Press Release: WebTuga Increases Data Protection Offerings with High-Performance R1Soft CDP Backup Service

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